Company name
Naoetsu Kairiku Unso.,Co.Ltd
2-9-11 Minato-cho, Joetsu-city Niigata 942-0011
Contact ionformation
August 26, 1942
75million yen
Line of business
port transportation business General cargo transportation business Freight handling business Scondary cosigned forwarding business Ship agency business Entry business Warehouse safekeeping business Collection transportation work of the industrial waste Other related business
(Trading) Partner Bank
Daishi Hokuetsu Bank Hachijuni Bank The Shoko Chukin Bank,Ltd Mizuho Bank Joetsu Shinkin Bank Toyama Daiichi Bank
Aug, 1942
Naoetsu Hashike Co.,Ltd.(Hashike:barge) ,Sanritsu Hashike Co.,Ltd.(barge), Showa Niyaku kumiai(Cargo Work Association): three mergers.Naoetsu Kowan Unso Co.,Ltd. Establishment
Aug, 1950
Shipping business qualification acquired. Changed our company name to“Naoetsu Kairiku Unso Co.,Ltd.
Apr, 1956
General General area truck transportation qualification acquired
Apr, 1963
First-class general port transportation business qualification acquired
Jul, 1964
Niigata Prefecture and Joetsu-city participated in capitals
Jul, 1967
Increased the capital to 75 million yen
Sep, 1970
Head office building completed
Jul, 1974
Himekawa Office established
Jun, 1976
Yard working center newly established
Nov, 1976
Designated car maintenance factory newly established
Jul, 1990
Started Ferry duties with Hokkaido route. Establishment of Higashi Nihon Ferry Co., Ltd. (East Japan Ferry Co., Ltd.)
Jul, 1990
Establishment of Naoetsukou Kosoku-Yuso Co., Ltd. (rapid transit Co., Ltd), and enhanced land transportation section of business
Jun, 1998
Customs clearance business permission is obtained from Tokyo Customhouse. And customs clearance business is started.
Nov, 1999
Establishment of Naoetsu Sea Service Co., Ltd. And ship agency business of tanker
Dec, 1999
Establishment of container freight station (CFS) office
Jul, 2003
Niigata Prefectural office sold stocks of our company
Apr, 2009
Establishment of kairiku eco products Co.Ltd(Land and Sea eco products)
Oct, 2009
Joetsu-city dissolved participation of corporate
Nov, 2009
An incorporated company N.K.Recycle Co., Ltd. is put in under the group influence by M&A.
Feb, 2010
Kairiku eco products Co.,Ltd.(Land and Sea eco products) acquired the license for industrial waste disposal and started the production of the tire chips
Mar, 2018
Qualified for eco action21