A group of warehouses that support customers' logistics behind the scenes.
Werehouse group, in the background, supporting the client’s distribution.
Warhouse group has recently increased support for the safekeeping and handling of port freight.
We prepare for the total of 34 ridges; 31,000square ,eters(Himekawa port 2,550square meters)in Naoetsu port and the neighboring site,
while we securely manage it.
Warehouse details
Naoetsu Port
The first warehouse 1,020㎡
The second warehouse 684㎡
The third warehouse 684㎡
The fourth warehouse 684㎡
The fifth warehouse(Tent) 774㎡
The sixth warehouse 684㎡
The seventh warehouse (Tent) 903㎡
The eight warehouse (Tent) 840㎡
Kuroi warehouse 606㎡
CFS warehouse(bonded one) 977㎡
East wharf warehouse(bonded one) 987㎡
The second east wharf warehouse 986㎡
The third east wharf warehouse 986㎡
The fourth east wharf warehouse 990㎡
The fifth east wharf warehouse 926㎡
Low third warehouse 356㎡
Kuroi first warehouse 975㎡
Kuroi second warehouse 1,276㎡
Kuroi third warehouse 986㎡
Kuroi fourth warehouse 696㎡
Kuroi fifth warehouse(Tent) 696㎡
Kuroi sixth warehouse(Tent) 1,392㎡
Kuroi seventh 986㎡
Kuroi eighth warehouse 976㎡
Kuroi tenth warehouse 1,106㎡
Kuroi eleventh warehouse (Among there, low temperature department 547㎡) 1,124.29㎡
Kasuga-shinden warehouse 966㎡
Kasuga-shinden second warehouse 630㎡
The first tent warehouse 859㎡
The second tent warehouse 1,001㎡
The third tent warehouse 1,190㎡
Warehouse for exclusive use of the potassium chloride 502㎡
Himekawa Port
Himekawa first warehouse 1,175㎡
Himekawa second warehouse 966㎡
34 warehouses in total 31,002.29㎡