The era of the Sea of ​​Japan
From Naoetsu Port to the World
Since our establishment in 1942, we have been based in Naoetsu Port, Niigata Prefecture,
the center of the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan,
and have been a business of integrated land and sea transportation that combines marine transportation including port transportation and land transportation.
We have been working on.
Japan consists of four main islands, which range from the north to the south with more than 4000 small islands.
The 34,000 km shoreline has more than 1100 ports.
Above all, an imminent and important port, supporting our living,
is the port established by the port-transportation business authority.
These ports have developed the local economy, culture, industry, and many cities in the surrounding areas.

Today when the interchange of the global community in the field of economy and culture became more active and deep,
the role of the ports as the point of contact of trade, connecting Japan to other countries is important,
and can support our living from the root.